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A Place Worth Having

I am so many parts
I’ve lost my place.
I want to be innocent.
A tern flying above the sea.
The only moon in the heavens.
I do not want loneliness.
To be lost in a crowd.
To bruise my toes
on too many stones.

I want to encounter
the one sentinel in the woods.
The highest tree.
The one shy soul
in the raucous of a mob.
Solitude in a new city.
My place in a fog.
The fingers of time
teasing me with its minutes
rolling into the past.

What did I say to myself
without words?
What did I feel
in the first snow?
What did I want
when I fell in love
for the first time?

I want to be the place
on the page,
where the words are written.
Outside the fence
reaching in.
And when I find my place,
I want the world
to travel to me,
and forget
which side of the world I’m on.

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