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Where did I put yesterday?
In the closet with my coat?
With the newspaper?
The unread, disturbing stories,
people complaining, sales,
letters to the lovelorn.
Where did yesterday go?
That beautiful child.

That glow in the sky.
That sky that outshone a sea.
A puppy ready to leap,
full of fragrances.
A day ready to wear,
to travel in,
to say
what a wonderful day!
One of a kind.
A poem in every moment.

So where did I put it?
Why is it not here?
The door of my heart is wide open.
The air is coming in.
Did it leave without saying goodby?
Did I not say thank you?
I was so busy on the phone.
I had errands to run.
I lost things I had to find.
I was going to go out to run.
I was not going to ignore its coming.
The only wonderful day of its kind.

It had eyes of welling water,
cheeks of rose,
a smile that invited,
pulled one in,
and now it is gone,
the door open,
though its freshness lingers,
as if I am forgiven.

Did I hear something?
is that you?
Are you coming back?
There is a glow in the sky.
Everything is clean and clear.
perhaps I’m being forgiven,
another chance!
Today, it seems
so like yesterday.
Come in!
Let me embrace you!

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