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Going On Vacation

I cannot bid farewell.
My life ends when you leave,
begins when you return.
I want you to see a mountain
where you go,
and bring me back
a piece of its grandeur,
where it stays in your eyes.
And I want you to touch
a sea with your toes,
but go no further.
The shore is full of prizes,
enough to fill your hands
and bring me back a bag.

You are on vacation,
so ride carousels
and taste a fruit never tasted.
Say hello to strangers
on the street
and be changed by their faces,
only the glad ones,
the beautiful.
I will watch you fly
into the air,
and wave my arms
to see you wave
and fly above the clouds,
to see horizons
as they rise.
But the days between now
and your return
will seem forever,
or last forever,
or be eternal.

Published inIndex of all Poems