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Where We Go

I fell into myself,
like the sigh between great waves.
Like the darkness
in the curl against your cheek.
We were walking somewhere
in my dreams.
where we belong
with ringlets of water
playing at our feet.
where the light rises
like a green radiance,
and the dunes
pour their sea smell,
their tiny comets of quartz
over our fingers.

How glorious
this bed of ancient light dust!
This pillow,
that holds our faces
to each other,
listening to the chambers
of the sea,
of the moon.
What I discover when your eyes open,
and know where our dream is.

Where we go
when we forget our sorrows.
Where we have exhausted our dancing.
Where we go
when the day ends,
and we remember
love coming like a song
from far away,
reaching out to us,
to restore us,
and have us run like children
in the sun.

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