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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


Awards were being given.
Distinguished citizens.
Contributors to their fellow men.
Movers and shakers were there,
and they moved and shook each other’s hands
as well they should.
A talk was given lifting up their greatness,
and what would we have done for buildings
without them?

And everyone cheered
sticking to their tasks without flinching.
Loaves of bread were baked in heaven.
Dished clattered.
Wine was toasted in testimonials,
and accolades vied with accolades
to names,
among the names that mattered.

But as I left the hall
flushed from all the heat inside,
and looked at those who took no credit,
those who saw the work was done,
who never raised their hands
to be counted,
who looked after children,
and tended sick,
gave support, and faithfully washed
our dishes,
I gave each of them salute,
and wished them well upon their journey.
Reward enough for being what they were

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