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The book The House of the World has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and is now available on Amazon.


Words would only interfere
with the woman she is.
Her young face is oddly mature.
Like a woman who has lived
in the same cottage for years.
Her eyes the cast of drapes half drawn,
as if they look out rather than in.
A mouth ready to smile but does not.
A quality of the pensive, diffident,
maintained by a profound balance
of resignation and hope.

A charismatic woman, at a wedding,
sharing time with me,
among tables of relatives and friends.
We shared blood.
Watched the people,
mostly unknown relatives.
History can be twice what it is.
She spoke of a long time companion,
who was ill.
A man older than she,
but an older understanding inside her.

She seemed to have lived in another country.
Sophisticate, classical,
whose language purveyed
a warm romance in its sounds and meanings.
We visited the evening away,
by the lagoon of a bay
with the scent of shore grass and flowers.
I enjoyed her rarity,
the unique colors of a personality
not unlike the poetry of a poem.

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