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Vacation Day

I love vacation day!
yelled Mark,
running to the car.
Make believe come true.
Packing things to take.
Childhood on fire.
How many bears,
stuffed elephants,
and birds should I take,
asks Mark.

His mother monitoring
calls, “One, that’s it.
Then vision of Mark’s
menagerie on his bed,
yells again. “Two animals!
That’s all!”
And on the sideline
I see a grin on Mark’s face.
He stuffs three animals
in his bag, a compromise,
innocent adjustment.

So Mark prepares,
vacation’s best excitement,
story books and Lego man,
candy and a game,
crayons and last things
for his pocket,
so quickly done,
everyone eager to embark.

Then the windows cracked,
the family in the car,
I hold up my hand and
invisibly take their own.
And call out,
the one thing of my heart,
I love you all!
The Lee Family
pulls from the curb.
I shout,
I love vacation day!

Published inIndex of all Poems