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Here you will find 1345 poems by Theodore Waterfield.

Sandusky Bay


Sandusky Bay is  a collection of Theodore Waterfield’s poems published by Coventry Press of Columbus, Ohio  The author’s father, Reuben Waterfield, painted the picture on the cover.  The book came out in 1996.

Poems in the book include: I Found You, It Was Summer, The Redbud Tree, Gone Away, The Girl, Easy to Love, Sleeper, Caged, Clash, Whore, Photographs, Snow, Pretending, A Sea, The Cup, You Endure, Sunstruck, Old Love, Gulf, Hold Me Again, Needing You, Go Away, Nothing Else Matters, Not Yours, Fossil, In Love, Before I Die, Wanderer, Kismet, Judge, Girl, Space, For Mary, Like it Is, Dark Side, Familiar Passion, Sanctum, Generations, Where Were You, Sandusky Bay, Lines, Euphony, Spring, Shaman, Flashback, Cathedrals, Canon, Not Sure, Where You Are, Conundrum, Edifice, The Hidden Angel, Prayer For My Beloved, April Again, Planting a Tree, To Remember, Canoe, Source, Willow Thicket, The Only Joy, Requiem, Angel, The Park, Unraveling, Departure, Rapture, Because, Sharon, Thanksgiving, Together, Where, Masks, Epilogue to Apocolypse, Parallax, Ennui, Garden, You, Love Poem, Once Again, Deliverance, Pools, Amity, I Seek You, Beach by Twilight, Jean.