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Here you will find 1345 poems by Theodore Waterfield.

A Piece of Cake

What would the world taste like
all thrown together?
Trees, stones, planets,
belching volcanos,
the perfume of flowers.
Diamonds faceted,
sugarcane fields.
Politicians, Popes, girls,
lecherous men.
Kneaded together with ostrich eggs,
wheat fields,
the broth of lemon
and milk of cows,
into a mix of multi-scented
bread and yeast.

Rising and falling
with pieces of lightning going off,
until we have a batter,
so smooth,
it leaves a white hole,
where light slides off
and fingers grope for a grasp.
And comets stop, confused,
sliding back upon themselves.
Then into the oven at 400 degrees.
A pinch of salt from the bluest sea,
powdered cinnamon,
and frosting,
made from the ice cone of a glacier.
Then served to anyone
in love with life,
who from experience
will tell you,
life’s a piece of cake.

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