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The book The House of the World has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and is now available on Amazon.

The Friend

The woman that passed my Mary’s path
came from the street.
Was part and parcel of stone.
A predator who betrayed
my Mary’s heart
and wore a sister’s clothes.
She cost a piece of Mary’s soul,
a piece of faith,
clothed in the coarse guise
of her hardened self.
At once I knew her for
what she was.

In Mary’s world harps are strung
in heaven, all people being harps.
In mine strings break, corrode,
will not always hold a tune,
and must be found, born inchoate
of better stuff.
This woman, out of tune,
a screech, a dissidence,
a friend who never was
or could be,
sadly passes Mary’s path,
with the infirmity
of iron turned to

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