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The book The House of the World has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and is now available on Amazon.


What makes poetry
different than prose?
Music my friend,
What makes love
different than sex?
Care my friend,
the intention of oneself.
What makes living
different than life?
Joy my friend,
the dancing of one’s feet.
What is the beauty
in the plainness of a face?
Light my friend,
the path of a meteor
in the eyes,
the smile that welcomes strangers.

Where does childhood go
when we grow up?
Into the other room my friend,
where the toys are kept.
Does dying hurt
as much as being born?
Perhaps a little less
knowing where we’ve been..
Who touched us in the beginning
and whose hands
would take us back.

What is the difference
between forever and never?
Forever my friend is remembering
where we put our hearts,
never is the place
where the light goes out.
Does anything matter
in the scheme of things?
The test my friend
is like looking for your glasses,
where you put your teeth,
will morning ever come,
finding water in the desert.

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