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The book The House of the World has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and is now available on Amazon.

Something to Find

Day opens
and swallows me.
If I find a truth
will it tremble?
Weep for being found?
Wrap its arms around me
I am untouchable,
an unseeable light,
a smile,
smiling at the blind?
What a child sees?

Tell me, World,
is everything alive?
Do the dead rise
before returning to the grave?
Are you a secret,
I will remain a secret.
Play hide and seek.

Do you see me,
as I see you?
Clocks tolling,
day passing into rain?
I don’t know what to say,
or how to say it,
truth is epiphany
when you find it
opening its heart
to let you in.

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