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What I Would Do

If I wrote two poems
I shall burn one
to watch its smoke
fly to the heavens.
If I compose two songs
I will lock one in a box
that a child opens
to hear music.
If I love my love,
I will kiss her twice,
and put one in a prayer
I said, kissing her.
May love let you live forever.

If I take a journey
to Land’s End,
I will look at the sea
from the top of a bluff,
then walk down to the sand
at its feet.
At the top
I will take glory
home with me.
At the bottom
I will give my secrets
to the waves
and forget them.

If I have two dollars left,
I will use one
to buy a toy.
The other I will give
to someone in need.
A child,
who will also find
a toy by his bed.

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