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Valentine’s Day

It is a day of cherries,
children sharing cards,
paint and lace.
No one without a valentine,
a word of love!
I watch women gaze at cards,
men hesitating,
choosing fragile verse.
Words confusing in the life of work,
but lifting the heart
with a valentine’s delight.

Can I be yours?
Would you be mine?
Who loves me most,
or now,
or will?
Does she hear?
Will he call?
I love you best
dear sweet valentine.

The girl that loves the boy,
the boy that shyly draws with crayon
a heart,
with a name inside.
A day when everyone
seeks someone else,
and longs to have a song
sung to them.

If this were all that mankind does,
it would be enough,
chocolates and hearts,
notes and signs,
in all the world,
there is no pain that can’t be lifted,
no grief go uncured,
no hunger that bites into the soul,
that a valentine won’t cure,
saying with all the world’s love,
be mine!

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