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Stranger Than A Fable

where conflagrations live,
I will tell you of mine.
How a small action kindled fate.
How a flash circumstance
caught the curtains on fire.
How a storm stomped with heavy boots
over the field of my life
and the earth was flattened,
ready for a new city.
The courses of its rivers were changed.
Shadows became substances.

Chance became the silk of destiny,
and I found a love like gossamer
falling from the sky.
A quivering strand of fate
with a star crossed path,
wind driven from its fire.
A blind encounter
arranged for Mary and me,
a love at first sight,
blazing like fireweed
over the heart.

Who could have imagined
how the future comes about like this?
The remarkable children,
the intensity of dreams.
The canyons and sloops
of tears and happiness.
Such beautiful faces.
Such enormous souls.
Limitless distances and horizons
of unbelievable course,
but so it was.
So it happens.
The star of every morning’s light.
Time following its roads,
truth as we are living it.

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