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The Body Builders

Is body building a ministry?
Men and women grooming
the physiognomy of themselves?
The quintessential molding of
muscle and grace.
Men seeking the physique of David,
Women, of Venus.
My tongue wants to scold,
to ask them for humility.
To jeer at Narcissus
who was indescribably beautiful
and in love with his face.

But I kept my peace.
Bit my tongue.
Looked through the mirror of myself
and began to cheer, clap,
admire the dedication and praise
they show for the human form.
Do not saints polish their souls?
Artists perfect their skills?
Warriors put wreaths on the graves
of courageous warriors?
Actors pretend, and become cynosures
of fantasy?

So I keep my peace.
Watch body builders place their heroes
upon pedestals,
and say to myself, Yes! Yes!
Be beautiful.
Be perfect.
Do it the way you can.
Each in his own way.
with a cause,
to be the best you can be,
and spared of the ridicule
of the envious.

Published inIndex of all Poems