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The House of the World

The House of the World is a book by the poet Theodore Waterfield.  It is a collection of poems filled with keen observations of everyday life, one that is uplifting and hopeful.  In a time when the world has grown weary, the poetry of Theodore Waterfield is a soothing reminder that life is still good.

On page 96 he writes about learning that scientists have concluded with certainty someday the world will end.  So he went outside and told the geraniums, “be as red as you can be,” he waved to the sparrows to fly as high as the heavens take them, to shout that there is no love that can ever die, that joy never leaves, that hope never ends.

The House of the World was published in 2020 by Coventry Press of Columbus, Ohio.

To learn more about Theodore Waterfield go to The artist and author Linda Lee Greene has featured him in her write-up of artistic people.