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Aurora Borealis Over Columbus

Who has seen Aurora
has seen a ghost.
She wore a red cape
and asked for directions.
She needed the night.
The city with its lights
pushed her away.
She had no where to go.
Her mirror,
the black sky,
the stars disappeared,
and she called, asking,
where is the ebony sea?
I cannot see my face.
I have strayed from the polar heavens.
I have lost my way!

Standing in a field,
I lifted my hands,
I called to her with my heart.
I had watched her dance,
then falter.
I had seen the waltz of her pure soul
in the darkness,
her green dress,
her moving hands,
and like her
I was no more than vapor.

Because we were one
she heard me.
I waved with my arm
to the polestar.
I called to her inside my soul.
Follow it
and be bright again!
Be the only radiance in the sky!
Let the wind fill your dress
on the northern keep.
I have seen your dance.
Go there,
and be night’s rainbow again.
My beautiful ghost.
My northern princess of light.

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