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Catherine on Her Birthday

Before the very beginning,
when stars were born.
Before clocks measured time.
You were there.
Already conceived.
Before mammoths roamed the world.
Glaciers spread their hands
and scoured the earth.
Before the moon fell above us
and pulled the tides,
and cast its silver light
on the sea.

Catherine, nothing happens
without its miracle.
Without each thread in the skein
of existence, fashioning
what you are.
Nothing like you is by chance.
Nothing like you
is without joy and sorrow,
life and death,
love coming into time and saying,
it is time.
And so it is.

Love made you.
Love caused you.
Love has been with you,
to this very day.
And from the first to the last,
nothing will take love away.
Love’s blessing.
Our blessing around you.
Singing happy birthday to you.
To Catherine,
always our love.

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