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True Love Street

I wish Savannah had a
True Love Street,
what with all that’s gone on
between people here.
Songs and poems that somehow
reach into the heart.
Not just the well known
boys and girls that everybody knows,
but what’s in the attics of houses,
between the pages of books
near a closet or hidden under a bed.

Letters that say something with words
that lips never felt,
but wanted to,
kisses blown at someone.
Put on a window when the dew is heavy.
Love that reaches for inside
and leaves moons in the eyes.
None of it meant to be a public thing,
but a luster inside people.
Not a shine, but a glow.
Something soft inside a heart in love.
And it seems to be a kind of thing
that stays.
You can see a lot of it in faces here.
I’ve been to places where I saw
nothing but fear and worry,
being late, ears gone deaf with noise.

But here in Savannah,
where you can hear birds
and people whispering,
there’s time for something wonderful.
Time for people to see each other,
fall in love.
Cry and laugh at the same time.
Nothing made up.
Nothing for sale.

Just a passion for somebody
that hurts like. . .pardon me. . .hell,
and makes you glad you were born,
and want to die,
from the sheer joy of finding someone
so beautiful,
so unique,
the only place it could happen
would be here,
on a street called,
True Love Street,
across a square in Savannah.

Published inIndex of all Poems