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Left Behind

I have not been left behind.
It’s only by mistake
you passed through the corridor
and shut the door.
You did not see me.
I was not forgotten,
but times change,
the afternoon does not remember the morning.
The woman in my dreams,
is not the girl behind the counter.
Words sound different in the evening.
The air itself changes.
The evening is full of dark sun.
The night is an oasis of the sky’s ocean.
You left,
because, no doubt,
the day had changed.

Life had changed.
I took a stroll
and forgot to tell you,
I was leaving.
Just for a moment,
one small lifetime in a minute.
I captured fireflies in a cage
and wore out shoes.
I wanted to forget the moment before,
so the moment following
was fresh as new bread,
everything new,
everything empty,
wanting to be filled.
But you were gone when I returned.
The house was empty.
The door was shut,
and I lost your note somewhere,
like a leaf flying away.

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