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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

The Craters of the Moon

I saw the craters of the moon
last night.
The telescope had lain in the box
for a year.
I could not let the universe go by
without Jackie and Michael seeing it!
So in the twilight I brought it out
and pointed it at the moon.
The sky became more vast
than I had ever seen it!
The air was a sigh
inside the emptiness of a bluff,
and aghast,
I thought,
whose house am I entering
with so many windows?

And I crossed my agnostic heart,
and focused on the glimmering planet
looking back at me,
and saw the lines and fissures
of an eternal day.
It was art
such as I have never seen it.
Desolation and sleep.
Stillness and quiet.
And in awe
I muttered,
yes, to life,
yes, to God,
yes, to the trust
we see in children.

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