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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

The Treadmill

Where the sky falls,
that’s where I’m going.
Walking the treadmill,
telling my heart,
you are no longer confined.
We’re going where the air
touches us.
Where excitement palpitates.
Brother heart, I want to live,
to take the sacraments of life.
I want to live
to enter life inside my children,
to follow journeys inviting us.
Tides to embark on the pull
of the moon.

We have rocked from time began.
One in one.
And time stays with us.
We are walking with angels, brother.
Doing poems never written.
Taking hugs to be hugged.
Nothing says we’ve seen it all.
Loved enough,
done enough,
gone far enough
to stop being dangerous.
To stop dancing
on the treadmill,
and sing the treadmill song.

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