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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


Life is a lotus.
A crack in the heavens
emitting light.
God is a thread of fire,
a scarf of words
on the horizon.
Faith is a mystery,
a sacred bloom.
It happens to souls
as simple as mine.
To souls that rise like phoenixes
and walk in volcanoes.

We stumble in our darkness.
We forget our amazement,
and lose the laughter of God.
The sacred crumbles
in our hands,
in denial.
from the corner of our eye,
in the pause
between weeping and sleeping,
there is a declaration of love.

Faith comes from the forest,
from the ceiling,
knocks on the door,
roars from the ocean,
and kisses us,
where have you been?
And puts its arm around us,
like a child
being the pal that stayed
with us,
when we were four.

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