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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


Teach the teacher
to forgive the teaching
that he teaches.
Opening books with a rule.
Constraining stars inside
their addition.
Teaching words by the mastery
of calligraphy.
Imprisoning wildness inside a cage
and watching wings destroy themselves.

Oh to suffer at these well-intentioned hands
To feel the pain of their impatience.
Tearing webs with clumsy fingers.
Ignoring the flag of the country
they are entering.
Its mountains
that capture the harbor
of the sun’s rising.
To see further in an instant
than the teacher can ever teach.

That teaching is not a bondage
but sharing.
Going on a hunt together
for the holy grail,
one castle at a time,
and joining a family
growing inside and outside,
with the treasure of earth’s school
one discovery
at a time.

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