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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


So why does my heart go there?
Why do I fall into the tenderness
of a voice?
Listen, as if from afar,
to something I am not,
to something I wrap around myself
like a shore to a sea,
and say,
you make me into a universe.
You release old and sad memories
of my complete destruction,
and now I am born into a new song,
a new way.

I sit and watch the world
dare to exist,
because you took me from myself
and lost me,
put me far away from old endings.
So everything I see is new,
a christening.
You have given me a new face,
a new tongue,
and I will never be ancient again,

I will never wear away
like a great cliff,
gazing into its falling.
I will have flown away,
like a bird that dies at sunset
and rises at dawn,
alive for as long as time
desires to be time.

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