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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Soul Mate

We lean on each other
with our sticks, our canes.
I need you to open my day.
To give me eyes and a pause.
To catch my breath and forget sleep,
that leaves me with longings and fear.
How could I go on with my life
without you?
I would die of cold.
I would vanish in dust.
My heart would break into pieces.
I cannot be alone.

I was brought into the world
with a heart beating near mine.
I swam in the sea of my mother’s sorrow.
I read her thoughts as my own.
There were no corners,
no endings.
I rose from her clay,
from the shadows that pursued her.
And I knew you were there,
beyond the minutes and hours,
of her loneliness.

You were there waiting in the distance,
waiting in the flower
that opened its heart with a bed of gold.
Knowing I would come
from the edge of an unknown road,
looking for your eyes,
the sound of your words,
and astonished,
find you beside me,
as if we came into the world together,
held by a cord that was ours alone,
woven by fate,
and blessed by heaven.

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