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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


I will make a date with you
in the future.
I will engage your soul.
I will startle you.
By my words, find you,
feel your presence,
confound the speed of light,
the shape of rooms
in which to meet.
Confound the heart,
defy all laws, all equations.

In our human way,
touching and tasting,
defy everything.
Logic, as it dissolves
in our love and fear,
tries to trick us
in believing one thing follows another.
That the stars follow an ordered plan,
that apples must drop from a tree,
when we need to ask,
why must it be so?

And my suspicion is confirmed.
It need not be so.
It isn’t so.
The world is my heart
reaching out to you.
Your listening and your smile
as you pick up these words,
and throw them like stones
into a quantum sea.

I am alive,
and you are alive,
hiding in your future.
I taste your lips saying my words,
and we live together
as we always have,
as we have for eternity,
and eternity itself is as we like.
It can be or not be,
as long as it matters to us,
or not.

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